In this timeline you can see the phases we will go from the moment of our first interview through the delivery of construction documents for the city. In this example we have a Traditional-Modern house, but the process is the same for all our projects. Please see a complete range of styles in our “Portfolio” page.


An initial meeting with the client will outline the wants and needs for the design and review and examine all restrictions inherent to the lot, including requirements, setbacks, easements, as well as cost parameters, etc; all provided by the client.

Builder recommendations are available upon request, and builder input is encouraged.


A 1/8”scale preliminary concept sketch of the ground floor will be generated on the site plan incorporating all the program information for review and approval.
Approximate square footage and room sizes will be presented.

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Upon concept approval a refined CAD drawing will be created, with design and layout of second floor level along with a front elevation study.

The project will remain in this phase until the client has approved all design elements including master suite, kitchen and bath designs.

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At this point design development is frozen, and only minor changes discovered during construction plan development will be made to optimize, and refine the plan.
All dimensions, notes, details, and sections are added to the plan set.

Quality Assurance Phase: This phase includes an intensive sequence of checks to insure quality and accuracy of the final plan.

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